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Better Quality Tungsten Carbide Inserts
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Manufacturer and Supplier of Satisfied Quality Rock Drilling Consumables MADE IN CHINA. Contact: Mr Bruce Lee phone/WeChat:0086 176 3857 1343
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Product Description
Carbide inserts are replaceable and usually indexable bits of cemented carbide used in machining steels, cast iron, high temperature alloys, and nonferrous materials.  Carbide inserts can withstand higher temperatures than high speed steel tools.

Hard grade. It is suitable for marble quarrying and for boring of homogeneous very hard rock.
Medium-hard grade with high tenacity. It is suitable for marble quarrying and non-homogeneous medium hard rock drilling.
Grade suitable for medium compact rocks drilling and working. It is suitable also for asphalt removing.
Very wear-resistant grade. It is suitable for abrasive medium hard rocks quarrying
Very tough grade. It is suitable for non-homogeneous medium-hard rocks boring and working.
Hard grade. It is suitable for marble and similar stones.
Hard grade. It is suitable for travertine and similar stones quarrying and for bushammers.


King Kong Drills Limited provides custom-made, near-net-shape, premium insert blanks in cemented carbide - also known as Tungsten carbide or solid carbide.Through advanced manufacturing technology, we are able to offer a wide range of geometries with ground finish as an option. Our portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of cemented carbide grades for different applications.

We supply the following types of products:
Custom-made indexable insert blanks for all applications
Blanks for custom-made rotating cutters and tips
Custom-made tips for brazed tools
PCD and CBN carrier blanks
Cemented carbide blanks for other applications

KingKong Drills Limited is a high quality of rock drilling tools supplier  in China market. KingKong Drills Limited always provide the best China-made quality of rock breaking tools properly with reasonable prices for our clients. And what we are always trying to do is making clients happy with our rock drilling tools and service and what’s more is that we believe in is making  a little bit effort every day and a giant step will come sooner or later. Our service is 24hours, 7 days a week, 12 months per year as long as you need us. 

All your inquiry will be highly appreciated. All your emails will be replied in no more than one day as long as we see it. Anyway, our company and team are here to provide you with amazing convenience  and professional service.

You are welcome to contact us anytime if you need to know more information about us and our factories. We will not let you down once we cooperate together. Cause we each of us from KingKong Drills Limited Believe in these Keywords: Teamwork, Gratitude, Selfless, Standard, Mobile: 0086 176 3857 1343
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