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36mm Taper button bits with 7 buttons and 11 degree for Russina market.
button bits
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36mm taper button bit with 7 button bits used for H19,H22.H25 taper drill rod with 7 buttons and 2 water holes.
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  • Model:T51-600mm shank adapter
  • Brand:King Kong
  • Code:8207501000
Product Description

36mm taper button bits with 7 buttons and 2 water holes


Taper Button Bit (113)

King Kong drill steel has high fatigue strength, toughness and offers high wear resistance giving an efficient and economic

drilling operation. The unique wear resistant carbide grade in our integral drill steel, in combination with the generous

carbide volume, provides extended service life in all applications. Our unique R23 rods and bits for extension drilling

provide the strongest thread in hole sizes 33– 45 mm. For the most aggressive applications we have fully carburized

rods with superior wear resistance and service life. In fact working with Sandvik means that you can expect consistent

high quality and maximum operational dependability when it comes to all small hole drilling applications. 34mm Taper Button bits.





Rock Drill Button Bits including Top hammer and DTH drilling tools.

For the Top hammer rock drill bits, we can produce all series drill bits including taper button bis, chisel bits, cross bit, and thread drill button bits, cross bits and retrac Cross or Button Bits.

We also have the reaming Bits like the Mushroom drill bits and pilot drill bits etc. 


Rock drill button bit8

Rock drill button bit -6



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Bruce Lee
Whatsapp/Phone:+86 176 3857 1343
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