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Cop44 140mm DTH bits with high Air pressure and low air pressure
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Cop44 DTH bits especially 152mm DTH bits are usually used on Cop44 DTH hammer with 114mm DTH drill pipes. Our DTH hammer and bits can be used on Sandvik and Atlas copco,Epirck etc. Drill machine. 
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  • Model:Cop44-140mm DTH bits
  • Brand:King Kong
  • Code:8207199000
Product Description
Cop54-165mm DTH Bits 
6" DTH Hammer Bits 140mm 152mm QL50 DTH Bits Rock Drill Bits

Different face style makes DTH bits suitable for various rock conditions.
Flat face: This is an universal design, especially for hard and abrasive rock formation. So typically, flat face with hemi-spherical buttons design is the most popular choice.
Convex face: A classic design for soft to medium hard rock formation which is not so abrasive. This design have very excellent penetration rate but poor in hole deviation if rocks are hard.
Concave face: Medium hard to hard rock formations which is less abrasive and fractured. Especially for deep hole drilling, excellent control over hole deviation.
DGR face: A special design for hard or very hard rock conditions, double gauge row buttons provide very excellent ware-resistance and very longer life time. It is usually used for some bigger diameter DTH bits.
Besides, we are manufacturing the DTH bits with various shanks so they can be compatible with different DTH hammers.

Product specifications:
Bit size Shank type Recommended DTH bits diameter
3.5”/3” DTH hammer bits COP34, DHD3.5, MISSION30, BR3 shank 90mm~ 105mm
4” DTH hammer bits DHD340, QL40, MISSION40, SD4 shank 110mm~ 130mm
5” DTH hammer bits DHD350, QL50, MISSION50, SD5 shank 134mm~ 152mm
6” DTH hammer bits DHD360, QL60, MISSION60, SD6 shank 152mm~ 203mm
8” DTH hammer bits DHD380, QL80, MISSION80, SD8 shank 203mm~ 305mm
12” DTH hammer bits DHD112, SD12 and QL120 shank. Available upon to customers’ request

Shank can be available:
1), Dia. 64mm-70mm shank Bulroc BR1
2), Dia. 70mm-95mm shank Halco MACH20, Bulroc BR2
3), Dia. 90mm-102mm shank COP32, COP34, Halco MACH303, M30, DHD3.5, Bulroc BR3
4), Dia. 105mm-152mm shank COP44, DHD340, Halco MACH44, SD4, M40, QL40, Bulroc BR4
5), Dia. 135mm-165mm shank COP54, DHD350R, COP54, Halco MACH50, SD5, M50, QL50, Bulroc BR5
6), Dia. 152mm-254mm shank COP64, DHD360, SD6, M60, QL60, Bulroc BR6
7), Dia. 203mm-330mm shank COP84, DHD380, SD8, QL80
8), Dia. 254mm-380mm shank SD10, Numa100
9), Dia. 305mm-508mm shank DHD1120, SD12, N120, N125
10), Dia. 405mm-864mm shank SD15, SD18
11), VKP80, VKP95, CIR90, CIR100, CIR110, CIR150, CIR200...

We can also provide related products DTH hammers, ODEX system, symmetrix systems, slide block drilling systems, etc and DTH drilling pipes for various thread API REG, API IF, BECO, etc
Sollroc , with more 10 years of experience ,is one of the professional manufacturer and supplier of high performance rock drilling tools like: DTH hammers and bits, RC hammers and bits, DTH drill rods and top hammer drilling tools. Our tools are widely used in different drilling applications including mining, quarrying, water well drilling, geotechnical industries and etc.
Sollroc is specialized in designing, manufacturing and developing equipments and accessories for standard models as well as the special needs of clients and provides them with the best suggestions and solutions. We practice strict and stringent quality control during manufacturing and adhered to recognized and approved quality control systems. Each of our products follows the quality requirements and procedures to ensure finished products are durable and superior up to standard.

Product photos

DHD3.5 dth bits

dhd340 dth bits

dhd350 dth bits

dhd360 dth bits

dhd380 dth bits 

dhd1120 dth bits

cop32 dth bits

cop34 dth bits

cop42 dth bits

cop44 dth bits

cop54 dth bits

cop64 dth bits

cop84 dth bits

sd4 dth bits

sd5 dth bits

sd6 dth bits

sd8 dth bits

sd10 dth bits

sd12 dth bits

ql40 dth bits

ql50 dth bits

ql60 dth bits

ql80 dth bits


M30 dth bits

M40 dth bits

M50 dth bits

M60 dth bits

M80 dth bits

Numa100 dth bits

Numa120 dth bits

Numa125 dth bits
3" dth bits

4" dth bits

5" dth bits

6" dth bits

8" dth bits

10" dth bits

12" dth bits


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