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Cir90 110mm low air pressure DTH bit for Cir90 hammer
button bits
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DTH Drilling tools including High air pressure, Middle air pressure and Low air Pressure DTH Hammer, Reverse Circulation DTH Hammer, DTH Bits, DTH Drill Pipe.DTH Pin and Box etc. Our DTH Hammer including Cir, BR,Cop, DHD,QL, Mission,and SD series and can be used for Sandvik,Atlas Copco etc.
The DTH bits also can be used on different series' DTH hammer like the SD, QL,Mission etc. In addition, our DTH bits have drop center, concave, convex face with ballastic, round, spherical, concial and ball buttons. 
If you need please send inquiry to our email for more detail information.
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  • Model:Cir90 110mm DTH Hammer Bit
  • Brand:King Kong
  • Code:8207199000
Product Description
Cir90 110mm DTH hammer Bits for Cir90 Hammer or Cir110 hammer 

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