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Underground Mining Picks
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Productivity Guide
Learn the most effective tips for tool selection, maintenance, and wear progression to increase productivity and ensure the highest return on investment.
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  • Model:mining cutting picks
  • Brand:King Kong
  • Code:8207501000
Product Description
Higher Quality
Underground Conical Picks
Supplied By King Kong Drills Limited

Earth Cutting Tools — Product Highlights
Less Noise, Increased Productivity, and Quality of Life

Prolonged noise exposure is devastating to drilling operators. Extremely high noise levels result in loss of productivity. Kennametal is dedicated to improving operators’ working conditions by finding innovative ways to reduce noise.

Less Dust Improved Working Environment
High dust areas can increase downtime and pose a risk to operators’ health. By designing slimmer tools, better vacuum drilling systems, and other solutions, Kennametal decreases dust exposure and improves operators’ working conditions.

Reduce Risk of Ignition
Kennametal Model:

Rz05, Rz07, Rz08, Rz19, Rz20, Rz16, Rz24, Rz25, RP01, RP11, RP15, RP16, RP30, RP18, RP24, RP25, RP27, RP28, RP21, RP22, Rpm18, c3kbf, RS12,RS19,RS14, RS16, RS18, c10amc, c10HD, c10, c10h, QC100, QC110b, QC110HD, QC110h, sr01, sr02, sr03, sr04, sm01, sm02, sm03, sm04, sm06, sm07, c87rl, c87hds, cm10am/LG, C87e, cm41, cm42, cmb4, cm61, cmb6, cm63, cmb6l, CH31sr, ar350t.

Sandvik Model:
k6lw r19, k6mw r19, k6mt r19, k6lt r19, k6mt r22, k1al r22, k6mw r22, r19 blocks, r22 blocks.

Wirtgen Model:
w1-10, w1-13, w1-15, w4e, w5e, w5eh, w6, w6-aoc, w6e, w6eh, w6h, w6s, w6sg, w7eh, w8eh, wm1/13, wm4/13, w6/22, w6sg/22, w7/22, w8/22, wr6-sg, wr8-ewr-15, wr-19, w1-13/22, w1-17/22.

B47K, B46K12, B47K19, B43H, BHR35, BHR75, etc.

Selecting the Right Tool
Consider the following when selecting a new solution for your application:
Material to be cut.
Sharper tools produce less dust, resulting in less fines,
less machine wear, and lower maintenance cost.
Carbide grade used.
Effect of tooling wear on machine wear-and-cost.

Refer to Selection Guides: Email us to
Contact me:Bruce Lee  Whatsapp/Phone:+86 176 3857 1343
Bruce Lee
Whatsapp/Phone:+86 176 3857 1343
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